We exhibited the 77th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society of Microscope last week.
This event was held in Tsukuba, Ibaraki pref.
You may know where it is because Tsukuba is famous place of the biggest research town in Japan.
There are various research institute and universities around that area.
Tsukuba is not far away from our capital. Just 50 km eastern part from city center of Tokyo.


2021/04/19 08:40

Hope you have been doing all right during this virus rebound situation.
Please take care of yourself even if you have already shot a vaccination.

Spring sprung here in Japan, but comfortable vaccines haven’t come here yet, unfortunately.
Probably situations are similar in your nation…

This is an announcement Syntek will have a week consecutive holidays from Thu. 29th of April to Wed. 5th of May.
All services will be stopped during above period.
If you have any demands in the near future, can you avoid that week?
It might be a good idea to move ahead of your original schedule.
We find almost all Japanese companies have same or similar holidays like us, including official services.
Please ask other business partners in Japan about the details.

Back to the COVID 19; If something unexpected happens to you, you’ve got enough options as it were to be able to ride over the storm.
With more uncertainties in the world we live in, it will become more important that we each build resilience, i.e., preparing a buffer for ourselves financially, socially, and in terms of our health.

Good news for you.
We just start to produce diamond cutting tools with both flat and radius edge.

It is available to adjust whatever you want.
It means if you do not find diamond shape that you need on the market, we probably provide you your own style items.
You may have been using other kind of tools before and also now, but our single crystal diamond tools bring you more beautiful surface roughness and wonderful results on your workpieces.

Especially, if you do elliptic oscillation cutting for making very, very thin metal layers, we really recommend you to use our tools.
Why don’t you make your own style?

Dear all customers,

We will inform you that Syntek will have year-end through New Year holiday breaks from Saturday 26th of December 2020 to Sunday 3rd of January 2021.
During this shutdown period, we will be unable to receive any deliveries for goods and services to us, Syntek.
We will restart both our office and factory on Monday 4th of January.

This year 2020 has been very tough for every person, we believe.
This virus issues have given us a lot of food for thought, haven’t it?
As they say, “tough times never last but tough people do.”

Let’s get out under this difficulties safely.
Hope you enjoy your winter holidays and that you have a happy and prosperous New Year.

Hope you have been doing all right during this extremely hot season.
Please take care of yourself for having a lot of water and cooling off by yourself.

Another hot item is coming in this heat wave summer.
This is JUMBO WT(Wastewater Treatment) for array tomography.

This one brings you much more benefits than current method by several ways.
Once you see the details of it, you will be surprised this advanced model. We are serious!
JUMBO WT can make a tremendous impact on users’ happiness.
We really want you to take full advantage of this WT!

See the details as WT flyer and movie on below link.
*Movie brings you easier image than flyer, we suppose.
It would be great if you see both of them.
Hope you will love it, thanks!

More info. about “Sym JUMBO WT”

WT movie is here!

If you use Hell type’s engraving machine, you may have much copper burrs(tiny dusts) around engraving head.
Engraving machine has vacuum function, however it does not work well unfortunately about almost all models.
Vacuum power is not strong enough.
That’s why you have messy head after engraving.

Enhanced cleaning efforts:
As you might realized that if copper burrs are remained on the engraving head, those ones make scratches on cylinder surface by accident.
Nobody wants to consume away good cylinders.

If you have never checked your engraving head before, just see it.
Maybe yours are not so perfect clean, we are afraid of saying from our experience.
Thant is a reason we produced this new gadget “AIR-AID.”
In a nutshell, AIR-AID has new improved features, especially stronger suction power.
Once you change vacuum nozzle from original model to our AIR-AID, your irritant is got sucked into somewhere.

Say “Adios!” to those copper burrs and get more cleaner condition.
Hope you are taking full advantage of it.

More info. about “AIR-AID”

Dear all customers,

Our Prime Minster Shinzo Abe announced “State of emergency is over in all prefectures in Japan” about a week ago(on Mon. 25th of May) our life has been coming back to normal day by day.
Almost all public schools are reopen from today(Mon. 1st of June) after 3 months off.
Many restaurants, bars and department stores are reopened too.
Every other services are working longer than during state of emergency.
We see again rush hours on commuting train in the morning and evening.

Unfortunately we still some have virus cases everyday, but those numbers are less than 40 per day for last 2 weeks.
You may say this is a positive signal to get back to normal.
The total number of recorded infections in the country has now reached 16,998, including 721 from the Diamond Princess cruise ship. At least 900 people have died, with 13 from the cruise ship.
*Above data is based on Mon. 1st of June, 2020.
This deaths rate is quite low if you compared the number to other developed countries.
Nobody knows the exact reason, even so it seems Japan is succeeded to clear the 1st step to recovery.

Syntek is up and running as usual.
Of course everybody is still be careful to every moment of our lives for avoiding this virus issue.
Otherwise there is a possibility to get another wave soon.
Hopefully situation is getting better in every country in the near future.
Then let us enjoy summer time as much as we could!

Let’s look on the bright side but still be prepared!
Have a great summer time, everyone.

Dear all customers,

Japan has some National Holidays this week and next week.
Syntek will be closed those holidays on both our office and factory.
We will be closed on…
1. Wed. 29th of April
2. Mon. 4th to Wed. 6th of May
*It means from Sat. 2nd to Wed. 6th of May will not be open continuously.

The other weekdays we will be running regularly.

Generally this period is called as “Golden Week” among Japanese people.
This season is one of the best and most crowded for tourism, however the scenery will be different this year.
If you give us phone calls or emails we will take care of you after Thu. 7th of May.
Thank you for understanding and hope you have good spring time at your home.

In the long history of human kind, those who learned to collaborate and improvise most effectively have prevailed.
Let’s play it by ear!

Dear all customers,

Our Prime Minster Shinzo Abe announced “State of emergency” in this evening that in Tokyo and other 6 other prefectures. He said it is going until 6th of May, 2020.
You may think it means those 7 areas have lockdown, but the reality may be a little bit different as your view.
Of course many department stores, theaters, concert halls, clubs and other are public places are closed. All sports events and lives are postponed temporarily.

People are try to stay home as much as they can.
We have been trying to cut down our activities because of preventing the spread of this virus since last month. Our action is same as you have been doing.

Even so, almost all of our public transportation is running regularly now and we Syntek is also working from Monday to Friday arranging working hours.
Employees commute avoiding rush hours and some people work at their home.
At the factory we keep enough space between each person. Everybody should be careful to produce items more than general times, because once our delivery is delayed some of our customers have severe problems especially during this period.
Luckily, every courier is still running and it is available to send items from Japan to your country.

Let’s hope for the best but prepare for the worst!

Get more information on CNN Official Website

2020/03/16 10:33

Spring has come, but the best is yet to come…
Thank you very much for your continued loyalty and trust in Syntek in these uncertain times. Our commitment and responsibility towards you have never been stronger as we face the COVID-19 pandemic.
We are continuously monitoring the ever-changing circumstances surrounding the coronavirus and are going above and beyond to keep our customers, employees, factory and office safe all the time.