2023/10/12 19:36

We will be relocating the office to the address below from the 10th of November.

innoba Ota 208, 4-32-6 Nakarokugo, Ota-ku, Tokyo, 1440055 JAPAN

TEL : +81-3-6424-4088

FAX : +81-3-6424-4089

E-mail (no-change) :

We are sorry for the inconvenience this may cause you, and your understanding and cooperation are appreciated.

2023/08/19 10:55

We are going to exhibit at MS&T23 conference between 3rd and 4th of October 2023 in Columbus, OH, America.
This is the Material Science & Technology annual meeting at Greater Columbus Convention Center in downtown.
If you are willing to be there, you will definitely find something new.
We are waiting for you at the booth 419.

We will show you our 2 new knives that you have never seen before.
1 of them is very useful to get ribbons (serial sections).
The other one is superior to cut metals, not resin blocks.
This is the very first time to introduce those ones officially.
If you are looking for new items for helping your observation, it might be a good idea to be Ohio.
As you might know, Columbus is in the center of the Ohio.
There is known as “the largest small city” in the States.
You will find various fabulous places and enjoy almost everything except winter time.
Yes, we winter hasn’t come yet!

Official MS&T23 Website is here


2023/02/14 13:31

Even during winter time, once you cross over the equator, you will be another world.
In the end of January, Australia is just the mid-summer time
There is no reason to resist flying to the Southern hemisphere during that season.
You don’t have to wear a thick coat anymore once you ride on the airplane.
When you land on the Down Under continent, you will feel a beautiful climate immediately. 


This is the very first time to attend ACMM for us Syntek. We had a lot of good times there and it was much better than we expected.
Total attendees are around 500+ people, but most of them belong to the Electron Microscopy field.
It is very good news for us. It means, we met many potential customers. Sounds promising, doesn’t it?
As you can see in the left pictures, Perth is a nice and comfortable place.
Not too touristy and close to nature.
If you haven’t visited yet, it might be better to put it on your bucket list.


We are going to exhibit at MC2023 in Darmstadt, Germany in the near future.
*MC stands for “Microscopy Conference”, by the way.
The conference starts on Sun. 26th of Feb. and it finishes on Thu. 2nd of Mar., 2023.
If you are staying not only in Germany, but also European countries, why don’t you come to Darmstadt then?
We will be there with our official German distributor, Diapack. We are ready to welcome you.

If you do not live in Germany, you may not know where Darmstadt is.  And also what kind of place is it?
Yes, we were on your side until we decided to join this event.
Local people say ”Wissenschaftstadt Darmstadt.”   Wissenschaftstadt means “science city” in English.
There are about 30,000 students out of 150,000 citizens.  Yes, Darmstadt is a place for academics.
The city is not so big, but Darmstadt is a very convenient area because it is just 30 km south of Frankfurt.
At the end of February, many people are not so busy, we guess.
We would say, this is one of the best times to discuss many agendas in such an academic city.
We look forward to seeing you in Darmstadt!

Official MC2023 Website is here
Diapack’s Website is here


We are going to exhibit at ACMM27 in Perth, Australia soon.
*ACMM stands for “Australian Conference on Microscopy and Microanalysis”, by the way.
The event starts on Sun. 29th of Jan. and it finishes on Fri. 3rd of Feb., 2023.
Not too many people don’t know Perth itself, comparing Sydney, Merboulne and Brisbane, but Perth is a beautiful and attractive city on the west coast of Australia.

We are planning to introduce several new knives and ideas that you have never known before.
Let’s discuss and exchange much information at our booth, No.19.
As you might know, now is the summer time in the Southern Hemisphere.
This is another “big” reason to fly to Australia during this period.
If you are fed up with severe, cold winter weather in your country, it probably is a nice idea and also a good excuse to escape from there.
Perth will be a wonderful place for sunseekers like you. Yes, we are one of them!
Of course you may join via the internet, however it is very difficult to get the summer atmosphere digitally, isn’t it?

Official ACMM2023 Website is here


2022/12/19 09:34

We will inform you that Syntek will have year-end through New Year holiday breaks from Thursday 29th of December 2022 to Wednesday 4rd of January 2023.
During this shutdown period, we will be unable to receive any deliveries for goods and services to us, Syntek.
We will start both our office and factory again from Thursday 5th of January.

As you might know, we have 12 different zodiac signs that are based in Chinese history here in Japan.
The animal symbol will be changed from Tiger to Rabbit in 2023.
Rabbit is symbolized as “jump” and “grow.”
We understand that almost all countries have been under a difficult situation for a couple of years.
Even so, let’s make a leap forward from those severe conditions next year together!
Thank you very much for your support this year. We really appreciate it.
We hope you will have peaceful and wonderful holidays. See you again soon.

The MRS fall meeting had more than 1,000 attendees for 4 days.
We had 60+ visitors at our booth in total.
This number is more than we expected.
Most visitors were interested in our tools, especially unique diamond knives and Karate Groover.
It sounds promising in the future business and development.
We really hope many people will use our useful items at their researches and observations very soon.


Many visitors told us “This is what I wanted to have!” We are very glad to hear those comments.
It is a kind of serendipity when you visit somewhere and find something new that you didn’t really look for.
It’s really hard to design products by customers’ requests.
A lot of times, people don’t know what they want until you show it to them.
Syntek can’t just ask customers what they want and then try to give that to them. By the time you get it built, they’ll want something new.
Even so, we always make an effort to create the new product that is in your mind from now on.


We are going to exhibit at another conference between 28th of November and 3rd of December 2022 in Boston, USA.
This is the MRS(Material Research Society) Fall Meeting at Hynes Convention Center in downtown.
If you are willing to be there, it would be great.
We welcome you at our booth No. 1002.

You may think the climate on the East Coast is not so comfortable in winter time.
Even so, Boston is one of the places worth visiting.
This is the first time to exhibit in this field for us, but we wanted to show our knives to material science people because our Histo and Trimming knives are evaluated by those people in Japan by their toughness and longevity.
If your diamond knives don’t last such a long time due to your samples’ hardness, why don’t you try ours?
We are supposed to say that most of the attendees don’t know our name and knives at this moment.
If our guess is true, it is a very good opportunity to introduce ours to them.
We have only upward momentum in this material market.

Official MRS Fall Meetigng Website is here


The conference itself had about 130 attendees for 2 days.
We had 30+ visitors at our booth in total.
Almost all of them were interested in our products, especially GHP and Karate Groover.
We got better feedback than we expected.
Hope many people will use our useful knives and other tools at their laboratories in the near future.


As you might know, Jeju Island was made by volcanic explosions a long, long time ago.
Therefore, island itself has several mountains and they are good place to trail except winter time.
If you are out of shape, it might be a good idea to hike one of them.
Plus, you will find many fresh seafood in different areas, if you like fish.
Even if you are not good at raw fish, you can enjoy other cooking styles.
Of course, you have another choice such as pork and beef.
Those meats are also delicious and prices are much cheaper than Seoul.


We are going to exhibit at KSM 2022 in Jeju, Korea in the beginning of November. We will be there with our Korean partner SIMS.
We will show our diamond knives including brand-new items to visitors.
As you might know, Jeju is a small island in the south of Korea.
It is much warmer than the main Korean peninsula and the island is called “Hawaii in Korea.”

As you might know, this kind of academic conferences’ situation has to be changed since this pandemic has begun.
We also exhibited in the previous KSM in June, 2018. We have developed 4 more unique diamond knives.
We haven’t visited Korea itself due to COVID-19 since November 2019.
It means this is the first time introducing our new items for Korean EM researchers after we are coming back to the normal world.
We will display knives and other items at our booth. You will see and touch our products by yourself.
We really look forward to seeing you guys again in Jeju!

Official KSM 2022 Website is here