Almost all Japanese companies will be closed from in the end of April until 1st week of May.
As you might know, we call this period as “Golden-Week”.
This year it starts on Friday 29th (National Holiday) and it ends on Sunday 8th of May.
Generally, Monday 2nd and Friday 6th of May are operating days, but many people take off those 2 days (by AWL/PTO/LWP) and get 10 days continuous holidays.
*From Tuesday 3rd to Thursday 5th are National Holidays, too.

In our case, we will be open above 2 days (Mon. 2nd and Fri. 4th), but the other days will be closed both office and factory.
All banks, couriers and customs clearance will not work during then.
If you need any items urgently, we recommend you will order before those holidays start.
*Means until Thursday 28th of April, but Wednesday 27th is better.
Even if you give us emails or phone calls while we are closed, we will take care of you after Monday 9th of May.
Hope you understand this situation. Thank you for your inconvenience.
Let’s enjoy one of the best seasons of the year!

2022/04/13 08:00

We decided to adopt the new color for our Ultra and Histo knives from April 2022.
Ultra will be navy blue from green. Histo will be black from red(rose).
See the difference between them on the left picture.
There are several reasons to change colors this time.
The biggest one is seeing sections clearer than previous colors under any thicknesses.

We got some feedback from our customers that green and red(rose) are difficult to see interference color on several range of thickness of the sections.
Once we choose dark colors and checked thin to thick sections looking every 10 nm, those issues are solved.
We know that some other users don’t mind our original colors even any thicknesses.
Therefore, we keep making those previous green and red(rose) from now on.
If you want those original colors, and you designate it when you order knives?
If you don’t mention about colors, we provide Ultra as navy blue and Histo as black to you.
This basic rule is applied to our JUMBO and JUMBO WT, too.
*MGH, Cryo and Trim will not change those colors at this moment.

2022/04/06 08:00

We joined to “biological body volume data analytical conference” that was held at NIPS in the end March.
We had a chance to introduce our “Sym Knife in there.”
NIPS stands for National Institute for Physiological Sciences and it is based in near Nagoya.
As you might know, NIPS is one of the most famous and powerful research institutes in Japan.


If you see the map, you will find Nagoya is between Tokyo and Osaka.
As you might know, there is very famous of special local food, beautiful castle, famous sports teams, various music and also close to Toyota’s main factory.
If you focus on academic side, there are some great universities and research institutes.
If you have been to Japan several times before, but never visited Nagoya yet, why don’t you feel different atmosphere to the other big cities in your next opportunity?


See NIPS Official Website


See SSSEM Official Website

Don’t forget about domestic market here in Japan.
We are planning to attend The 127th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Association of Anatomists in Osaka in the end of March, too.
This event will be held by digital this year for the same reason of many other events.
We are sorry not to be there by ourselves, however we will enjoy it by online then.

Even if you are not familiar with anatomical science, it might be a good chance to see what’s going on Japanese anatomy.
Once check the other’s current situation, you may feel something new on your own.
Of course, Osaka is one of the most wonderful big cities in Japan. There is filled with excitement anytime, anywhere around the city center.
We recommend you to visit there after this pandemic is over by business and tourism.

Official Meeting Website

Dear business partner,
We Syntek always process personal data carefully and conscientiously.
Unfortunately, we had external attacks lately and our several email accounts being hijacked. You may get SPAM or phishing emails from those addresses.

We hereby want to inform you that your email address is also affected and want to protect you from becoming a victim of this SPAM or phishing e-mail.
We will not use those affected addresses anymore; nevertheless, they will be used again to launch similar attacks or in other ways.

When you receive skeptical emails, do not open it and firstly check the “header-from” and “envelope-from” are the same.
If they are different, there is a possibility that message was sent by the third person.
Do not open any attached files by mistake, either.
Now we are making an effort to solve this issue and never happen again in the future.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Yaita(Mr.) as our Director.
His email address is below.

Thank you for your patience and we will let you know the progress report later.

We would like to share this big news with you.
This is a totally big event for us because everybody uses WT knife on your own Ultra-microtome regardless of whether your equipment is classic or the latest model.

Once you get this knife, you don’t have to buy anything else.  You will get beautiful ribbons by yourself without big efforts or good technical skills.
As a matter of first priority, this is a very economical gadget comparing ARTOS 3D knives with dedicated microtome.
We are no wonder that you will be surprised once you know their(Ultra-microtome and knives) prices… Of course your budget is sky is the limit, we don’t say anything, but if not, it might be a good idea to try this one.
You may think this is just for SEM, not for TEM…
We understand what you are saying.  Now we are developing another one.  Stay tuned!!



Check WT knife out!!

2022/02/16 09:34

We are going to attend MST39 in the end of March 2022.
“MST” stands for Microscopy Society Thailand.
As you may know, this event is taken place in Bangkok, Thailand, usually.

Unfortunately, it will be held by digital this year under this unexpected virus situation.
Even so, we are excited about to join this meeting first time this time, because we have been felt EM market in Thailand has big potential for growing in the near future.
Especially medical part of Thailand has been leading for many years (more than 20 years?) in Asian countries.
If you are interested in MST39, why don’t you visit their website to check the details out?
We wish we could see you face-to-face next year!



MST39 Official Website




2022/01/16 14:18

We have been received many questions about cleaning knife blade up from our customers, so far.
There are various methods to do it and it is difficult to say what is the best way.
We will give you one of tips for you this time.
It might be not suitable for you especially if you are an expert, but we focused on general-purpose properties.

The most important thing is “everybody can do it easily without higher cost.”
Even if your blade looks not so dirty, we recommend you to clean it every time after usage.
Sometimes there are tiny, tiny “something” around the edge. You cannot find them by your naked eyes mostly.
Let’s look at our short video below.
If you have any questions or recommendation, please let us know. Thanks in advance.

Cleaning Video is Here!

Dear all customers,

We will inform you that Syntek will have year-end through New Year holiday breaks from Wednesday 29th of December 2021 to Tuesnday 4rd of January 2022.
During this shutdown period, we will be unable to receive any deliveries for goods and services to us, Syntek.
We will restart both our office and factory on Wednesday 5th of January.

This year 2021 has been still very struggling for us by unexpected condition since last year.
Shakespeare wrote “The night is long that never finds the day.” in Macbeth.
Let’s find the dawn and moving to forward in 2022 together.

We hope you will have peaceful, fabulous and wonderful holidays and that you have a happy and prosperous New Year.
See you on 5th of January, after holidays.

2021/11/28 17:09

We just exhibited another meeting that was organized by the Japanese Society of Microscope lately.
It was the Annual Symposium of EM and took place in Hakata, Fukuoka pref.
Hakata is in the southern island and famous of gourmet city.
Especially meat and fish are very fresh and yummy, but much cheaper than Tokyo or Osaka. Plus, “ramen” noodle is also quite tasty. You should try “Hakata Ramen” when you come to Japan next time.