10mm Ultra knife: 35°&45°
2024/06/17 09:00

Are you satisfied with the current width of diamond knives?
Especially if you prefer to use “ULTRA” for ultrathin sectioning, 4mm was the maximum so far.
It seems this record was broken by a knife manufacturer such as 8mm ultra 45-degree.
We were very surprised when we heard that news. This is a marvelous revolution in this ultra-knife field.

Someone says “Records are made to be broken.”  We totally agree with this message.
This is our turn, isn’t this?  Can we win this time?  Why not?
Syntek sets a new record for the above 8mm.
We will provide you 10mm Ultra: both 35-degree and 45-degree.
That’s more like it, isn’t it?
5mm, 6mm or 8mm Ultra? Needless to say, we do it!
In the meantime, this “10mm knife” is the build-to-order item.  Ask us the details.