Year-End and New-Year open hours
2023/12/15 18:50

We will inform you that Syntek will have year-end through New Year holiday breaks from Friday 29th of December 2023 to Thursday 4rd of January 2024.
During this shutdown period, we will be unable to receive any deliveries for goods and services to us, Syntek.
We will start both our office and factory again from Friday 5th of January.

As you might know, we have 12 different zodiac signs that are based in Chinese history here in Japan.
The animal symbol will be changed from Rabbit to Dragon in 2024.
Dragon is symbolized as “develop” and “success.”
We understand that almost all countries have been under a difficult situation for a couple of years.
Even so, let’s go up higher place from those severe conditions next year together!
Thank you very much for your support this year. We really appreciate it.
We hope you will have peaceful and wonderful holidays. See you again very soon.