SYM Metalica: It’s not diamond, but it’s great
2024/05/13 09:00

If you would like to cut hard materials, there is no reason to choose diamond knives every time.
As you might know, the edge of a diamond is very sharp but fragile because of its sharpness.
Some people, maybe you too, refrain from using diamond knives to observe certain materials.
There should be alternative methods to get good results, we have been considering.

We may solve your concerns if you have some due to the reasons above.
Our metallic, non-diamond, knife seems to cut hard samples or compounded(soft and hard) ones.
This knife is not only superior to get a good block surface but also get nice semi-thin sections between 1 micron to 20 micron thickness.
Blade width have 3 types that are 10mm, 20mm and 30mm!
If you have hesitated to cut some samples before, you will get totally different results with this “SYM Metalica.”