Dear all customers,

Hope this message finds you well.
We will inform you that Syntek will have year-end through New Year holiday breaks from Saturday 29th of December to Sunday 6th of January.
We will reopen our office and factory on Monday 7th of January.


2018/12/02 17:24

We attended 59th annual meeting of the Japan Society of High Pressure Science and Technology in Okayama, Japan in the end of November.
You might have not heard this place before, Okayama is about 200 km west from Osaka.
Okayama is on the inland sea and very nice place to get fresh seafood and exploring nature part. There are several historical area too.
If you have been to Japan several times before, we recommend you will visit there next time.


We exhibited our diamond knives (SYM Knife®) at KSM (Korean Society of Microscopy) annual fall conference that was held in Buyeo, Korea.
Fall conference is smaller than spring one, however there were over 200 attendees.
This time we wanted to introduce our MGH (Multi Grid Holder) for Korean researchers.


Syntek attended Gravure Technical Forum that was organized by GAA in Cincinnati, Ohio in early October.
We exchanged much information with many other attendants.
It was a very useful and productive meeting for us every time.

This year Syntek was received “2018 Golden Cylinder Award”.
It sounds like self-applauding story, we have been achieving this award 4 continuous years.
Of course not everyone gets this award like some other honorary awards.
Once we asked one of the board member of the association, there are about 100 to 120 applications every year and around 20 of them win an award.
In any case, we won this award with “Stronger Ohio stylus holder for deep engraving.”
Especially if you engrave decorative or tobacco cylinders, this stylus definitely brings you much benefits.

“I had an addiction to play baseball.”
– Pete Rose –

Go to GAA page

See the details of “Stronger Ohio stylus holder”

2018/10/08 10:08

Syntek exhibited our diamond knives again at IMC19 in Sydney in the middle of September 2018.
This conference is held every 4 years like big sports event.
This is the 1st time to bring our knives to the Southern Hemisphere.
Markets themselves in Australia and New Zealand are bigger than expected and we had much more visitors our booth comparing M & M in America about 2 months ago.
Generally the numbers of attendee are different, nevertheless we accept those responses at face value.

We have already got a lot of feedback from potential users after 1 month of this symposium.
Those voices are happy surprises for us and we are very glad to hear them.
It might be better to enter a monopolistic market where already served by Big Name.
Luckily there is no barrier to entry in this blue ocean because we have had 40 years knowledge of producing diamond tools.

We really would like to open a crack in this closed emporium.
Let’s wait for thing to get better for a while. If old business practice is changed, both customers and supplier go to higher place.
If you are satisfied your current knife please keep using it.
If not, why don’t you try ours one time?
It is always important to try something new, isn’t it?

“The more you know, the less you need.”
– Aboriginal saying-

See the details about Sym-knife

Sym-knife the movie

Syntek’s original products “Multi Grid Holder”

2018/09/14 17:26

We exhibit our diamond anvil, DAC and SEED for Ultra-high pressure at EHPRG(European High Pressure Research Group) meeting that was held in Aveiro, Portugal in early September.

Aveiro is the small city where bordering the Atlantic Ocean between Lisbon and Porto.
There are a canals and many gondlas are running.
You might imagined Venice from above context. Yes, you are right.
Scenery of canal area looks like Venezia, but Aveiro’s canals are much modern than Italian ones.
Aveiro is also famous about salt farm(saltern). It tastes good and also different as the others.

About conference; This is the 1st time for attending this event.
Feeling is better than we expected. Our products are not popular in European countries at this moment, but it is good for us because we only expand ours from now on.
Especially our SEED had a very good reputation.
It is nice unit for opening the door of High Pressure world.
If you are interested in it, why don’t you try to use it?

“We should make the most of life.
Enjoy it because that’s the way it is.”
– Cristiano Ronaldo –

See the details about diamond anvils

※See the details. Sample movie of SEED is here!

2018/08/17 11:29

We exhibit our diamond knives(Sym-Knife) for Ultra-microtome at M&M(Microscopy & Microanalysis) that was held in Boltimore, Maryland USA in early August.


We Syntek will have 4 days consecutive holidays from Thursday, 3rd to Sunday 6th of May by national holidays plus weekend.
And Monday 30th of April is another national holiday too.

Dear all customers,
Hope this message finds you well.
We will inform you that Syntek will have year-end through New Year holiday breaks from Friday 29th of December to Wednesday 3rd of January.
We will reopen our office and factory on Thursday 4th of January.


2017/11/01 09:00

We will change our uniform from the beginning of November.
New color will be navy from grey.
We insist on not only its design but also stretch and aeration properties of material.
Of course we focused on layout of zipper, button and pockets, too.
It is called “KAIZEN” model with a high regard for activity.
We miss our familiar old uniform, however we will do better jobs with our new workwear.