ACMM27 in Perth
2023/02/14 13:31

Even during winter time, once you cross over the equator, you will be another world.
In the end of January, Australia is just the mid-summer time
There is no reason to resist flying to the Southern hemisphere during that season.
You don’t have to wear a thick coat anymore once you ride on the airplane.
When you land on the Down Under continent, you will feel a beautiful climate immediately. 


This is the very first time to attend ACMM for us Syntek. We had a lot of good times there and it was much better than we expected.
Total attendees are around 500+ people, but most of them belong to the Electron Microscopy field.
It is very good news for us. It means, we met many potential customers. Sounds promising, doesn’t it?
As you can see in the left pictures, Perth is a nice and comfortable place.
Not too touristy and close to nature.
If you haven’t visited yet, it might be better to put it on your bucket list.