Result of “NEURO 2022”
2022/07/11 17:53

As we announced you before, we exhibited at “NEURO 2022” in Okinawa from Thursday 30th of June to Sunday 3rd of July.
The place had much more people than we expected. Approximately there were around 2,500 people, we guess.
That number is very rare after this COVID-19 pandemic started.
You may say this is the new hope of coming back to normal life. Hope not this would be “fear of normal.”


About the conference, we just feel that not many people haven’t use SEM or TEM on his/her research yet. We didn’t watch every presentation and posters, but there are some tendencies at this moment.
We are not sure this specific reason, because we are not specialist in this field. Nevertheless, if you use diamond knives for making ultra-thin sections, they are not microns, just nanometers, you will find another world, we believe.
You may have some theories, however if you follow ready-made ideas, you won’t get over the past.
Walk on the wild side and reach the frontier!