Exhibit at “NEURO 2022” in Okinawa
2022/06/13 09:53

We are going to exhibit at NEURO 2022 in Naha, Okinawa soon.
We will display our diamond knives including brand-new item.
This event is a parallel symposium of 3 different Japanese Neuro meetings that are “Japan Neuroscience Society”, “Japanese Society for Neurochemistry” and “Japanese Neural Network Society.”
Normally those 3 meeting are held different timing each, however we are going 3 events at the same time and same place.

As you might know, this kind of academic conferences’ situation has to be changed since this pandemic has begun.
Same as the other events, sometimes it had to be postponed, cancelled, or 100% digital going. You may say these 3 years as the dark ages if you look back across time in the future.
In any case, it would be great to come together for a reunion this year, especially at one of the most beautiful places in Japan, especially summer time!
Our border has been opened since in the beginning of June for foreign people finally. If you are interested in Japan for traveling, why don’t you come to Okinawa during your summer holidays?

Official NEURO2022 Website is here