About Golden-Week Holidays in May
2022/04/20 09:00

Almost all Japanese companies will be closed from in the end of April until 1st week of May.
As you might know, we call this period as “Golden-Week”.
This year it starts on Friday 29th (National Holiday) and it ends on Sunday 8th of May.
Generally, Monday 2nd and Friday 6th of May are operating days, but many people take off those 2 days (by AWL/PTO/LWP) and get 10 days continuous holidays.
*From Tuesday 3rd to Thursday 5th are National Holidays, too.

In our case, we will be open above 2 days (Mon. 2nd and Fri. 4th), but the other days will be closed both office and factory.
All banks, couriers and customs clearance will not work during then.
If you need any items urgently, we recommend you will order before those holidays start.
*Means until Thursday 28th of April, but Wednesday 27th is better.
Even if you give us emails or phone calls while we are closed, we will take care of you after Monday 9th of May.
Hope you understand this situation. Thank you for your inconvenience.
Let’s enjoy one of the best seasons of the year!