Made a presentation at NIPS
2022/04/06 08:00

We joined to “biological body volume data analytical conference” that was held at NIPS in the end March.
We had a chance to introduce our “Sym Knife in there.”
NIPS stands for National Institute for Physiological Sciences and it is based in near Nagoya.
As you might know, NIPS is one of the most famous and powerful research institutes in Japan.


If you see the map, you will find Nagoya is between Tokyo and Osaka.
As you might know, there is very famous of special local food, beautiful castle, famous sports teams, various music and also close to Toyota’s main factory.
If you focus on academic side, there are some great universities and research institutes.
If you have been to Japan several times before, but never visited Nagoya yet, why don’t you feel different atmosphere to the other big cities in your next opportunity?


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