77th Annual Meeting in Tsukuba
2021/06/23 16:48

We exhibited the 77th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society of Microscope last week.
This event was held in Tsukuba, Ibaraki pref.
You may know where it is because Tsukuba is famous place of the biggest research town in Japan.
There are various research institute and universities around that area.
Tsukuba is not far away from our capital. Just 50 km eastern part from city center of Tokyo.

This time meeting itself was hybrid that are face-to-face and digital. Unfortunately, COVID-19 is still spreading all around the world even at this moment, June 2021.
It was a good decision to do it that way. In the meantime, Syntek is a member of this society for some years. We have joined this meeting every year since 2015. As far as we feel, our knife is getting popular among researchers year by year. It is a really good movement for everyone, because every business tends to fade by monopoly. Competition makes better and even cheaper products, you know.
Attendants number was fewer than normal meetings, however it is natural. The important thing is not the number of visitors, but the contents of business talk.
If you judge in the light, we had such a good time in Tsukuba.

See The 77th Annual Meeting Official Website