Golden-Week Holidays
2021/04/19 08:40

Hope you have been doing all right during this virus rebound situation.
Please take care of yourself even if you have already shot a vaccination.

Spring sprung here in Japan, but comfortable vaccines haven’t come here yet, unfortunately.
Probably situations are similar in your nation…

This is an announcement Syntek will have a week consecutive holidays from Thu. 29th of April to Wed. 5th of May.
All services will be stopped during above period.
If you have any demands in the near future, can you avoid that week?
It might be a good idea to move ahead of your original schedule.
We find almost all Japanese companies have same or similar holidays like us, including official services.
Please ask other business partners in Japan about the details.

Back to the COVID 19; If something unexpected happens to you, you’ve got enough options as it were to be able to ride over the storm.
With more uncertainties in the world we live in, it will become more important that we each build resilience, i.e., preparing a buffer for ourselves financially, socially, and in terms of our health.