Wastewater Treatment has come!
2020/08/28 00:00

Hope you have been doing all right during this extremely hot season.
Please take care of yourself for having a lot of water and cooling off by yourself.

Another hot item is coming in this heat wave summer.
This is JUMBO WT(Wastewater Treatment) for array tomography.

This one brings you much more benefits than current method by several ways.
Once you see the details of it, you will be surprised this advanced model. We are serious!
JUMBO WT can make a tremendous impact on users’ happiness.
We really want you to take full advantage of this WT!

See the details as WT flyer and movie on below link.
*Movie brings you easier image than flyer, we suppose.
It would be great if you see both of them.
Hope you will love it, thanks!

More info. about “Sym JUMBO WT”

WT movie is here!