No more dust on your engraving head!
2020/07/04 11:40

If you use Hell type’s engraving machine, you may have much copper burrs(tiny dusts) around engraving head.
Engraving machine has vacuum function, however it does not work well unfortunately about almost all models.
Vacuum power is not strong enough.
That’s why you have messy head after engraving.

Enhanced cleaning efforts:
As you might realized that if copper burrs are remained on the engraving head, those ones make scratches on cylinder surface by accident.
Nobody wants to consume away good cylinders.

If you have never checked your engraving head before, just see it.
Maybe yours are not so perfect clean, we are afraid of saying from our experience.
Thant is a reason we produced this new gadget “AIR-AID.”
In a nutshell, AIR-AID has new improved features, especially stronger suction power.
Once you change vacuum nozzle from original model to our AIR-AID, your irritant is got sucked into somewhere.

Say “Adios!” to those copper burrs and get more cleaner condition.
Hope you are taking full advantage of it.

More info. about “AIR-AID”