Next step to resume normal activity
2020/06/02 14:45

Dear all customers,

Our Prime Minster Shinzo Abe announced “State of emergency is over in all prefectures in Japan” about a week ago(on Mon. 25th of May) our life has been coming back to normal day by day.
Almost all public schools are reopen from today(Mon. 1st of June) after 3 months off.
Many restaurants, bars and department stores are reopened too.
Every other services are working longer than during state of emergency.
We see again rush hours on commuting train in the morning and evening.

Unfortunately we still some have virus cases everyday, but those numbers are less than 40 per day for last 2 weeks.
You may say this is a positive signal to get back to normal.
The total number of recorded infections in the country has now reached 16,998, including 721 from the Diamond Princess cruise ship. At least 900 people have died, with 13 from the cruise ship.
*Above data is based on Mon. 1st of June, 2020.
This deaths rate is quite low if you compared the number to other developed countries.
Nobody knows the exact reason, even so it seems Japan is succeeded to clear the 1st step to recovery.

Syntek is up and running as usual.
Of course everybody is still be careful to every moment of our lives for avoiding this virus issue.
Otherwise there is a possibility to get another wave soon.
Hopefully situation is getting better in every country in the near future.
Then let us enjoy summer time as much as we could!

Let’s look on the bright side but still be prepared!
Have a great summer time, everyone.