APMC12 in Hyderabad, India
2020/02/18 12:11

We attended APMC12(Asia Pacific Microscopy Conference) in Hyderabad in early February, 2020.
You may not be familiar with Hyderabad, but this city is called as “High-Tech City” among Indians.
If you imagine other big cities in India, you will be surprised a lot. Many tall buildings are new, roads are wide and flat(they have freeways!!), many lights in the city center. You could say one of the most sophisticated areas in India at this moment.
Of course Hyderabad still has traditional area. You can enjoy exotic Indian environment too, if you want.

Well, to be honest with you, there are not too many ultra-microtome users in India yet, however that country will be one of the biggest market in the near future.
It might be explained that “current situation in India is similar to China in 15 years ago.”
Not too many people believed that China was getting Giant like nowadays in 20 years ago. It means India has at least same(or maybe more) potential to grow rapidly in this medical and biology research and development field until 2035.
Of course there are some barriers that disturbs that growing. Even so, it might be better to focus on this country if you invest your asset to here than do developed country or other developing countries.
Unfortunately many participants don’t know what the diamond knife is, however this is the opportunity to expand our SYM KNIFE here in India.
Never too late to dive into blue ocean, everybody!

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