KSM Fall Meeting in Gyeongju
2019/12/06 17:10

We attended KSM Fall meeting in Gyeongju, Korea in the middle of November 2019.
You may not familiar with Gyeongju city itself. We were so until we visited there.
When you come to the city, we were surprised that there were plenty of traditional buildings.
Gyeongju was the capital of Silla Kingdom till 10th century. You can find many historical heritages in various places. If you have visited big cities several times before and also like Korean culture and history, you must go there!
There was much better than we thought.

Conference was also productive for us.
We met some potential customers during 2 days.
This is the 4th time to attend this kind of meeting for ourselves, however every time we meet new people and opportunities.
Korean market is might be smaller than your country, but most important thing is not the size of market, we believe.
Our business in Korea is growing day by day since we started business last year.

If you are ultra-microtome user in Korea, why don’t you try our knife one time?
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If you are interested in history of Gyeongju…

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