M & M 2019, Portland, OR
2019/08/23 04:28

We exhibited M & M(Microscopy and Microanalysis) in Portland, OR, USA in early August, 2019.
This is the 4th time to show our products at this kind of conference in America.
Luckily our knives are getting popular step by step. We feel small, but good waves from potential customers’ feedback.
Of course our Sym Knife is not so famous yet, however where there’s a will there’s a way, you know.

If you have never been to Portland, we really recommend you to visit there.
We suppose you will like (or even love??) it there.
We will give you a good news for you.
If you are thinking to buy your 1st house in the US, there is still opportunity to get one in Portland.
It means Portland has several really nice residential places but you may reach your hand around that area at this moment.
Nobody knows next few years situation.
Don’t miss every moment, espacially if you like nature.
If sky is a limit of your budget, just go to CA, NY, or FL.

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