KSM: Spring Meeting in Pyeong Chang, Korea
2019/05/24 15:29

We exhibited our diamond knives (SYM Knife®) at KSM (Korean Society of Microscopy) annual spring conference that was held in Pyeong Chang, Korea.
Spring conference is one of the biggest event among EM reseachers.
This time we wanted to introduce our MGH (Multi Grid Holder) for Korean researchers.

Whether you remember it or not, Pyeong Chang is the place of last Winter Olympic games 2018.
There is a tendency that most facilities will be died after this kind of big event except several major sports
Especially situation is more particular if those games are not so popular in their regular season
Japan has many zombie facilities after Nagano game in 1998.
We really hope Korea will give up that bad habit and winter sports getting more popular in the near future in Asian countries.

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