10 continuous National Holidays
2019/04/04 16:28

Dear all customers,

As you might know the news, our Japanese current emperor will be changed in 1st of May.
Current emperor’s son takes over the position at the same time.

Due to the several National ceremonies and celebrations, almost all Japanese companies will be closed 10 continuous days from Sat. 27th of April to Mon. 6th of May.

We Syntek decided to be off above period because all banks, customs, courier services are out of their services then.
*Our actions are going to be very limited except producing products.
We are afraid that all our service will be stopped during that term, however we have no choices.

If you have any orders or requests in the near future, it would be helpful to tell us until the end Friday, 26th of this month

Thank you very much for your understanding.
Have a good one.

Best regards,