2018 GAA Tech Forum; Cincinnati, OH
2018/11/01 14:52

Syntek attended Gravure Technical Forum that was organized by GAA in Cincinnati, Ohio in early October.
We exchanged much information with many other attendants.
It was a very useful and productive meeting for us every time.

This year Syntek was received “2018 Golden Cylinder Award”.
It sounds like self-applauding story, we have been achieving this award 4 continuous years.
Of course not everyone gets this award like some other honorary awards.
Once we asked one of the board member of the association, there are about 100 to 120 applications every year and around 20 of them win an award.
In any case, we won this award with “Stronger Ohio stylus holder for deep engraving.”
Especially if you engrave decorative or tobacco cylinders, this stylus definitely brings you much benefits.

“I had an addiction to play baseball.”
– Pete Rose –

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