IMC19 in Sydney, Australia
2018/10/08 10:08

Syntek exhibited our diamond knives again at IMC19 in Sydney in the middle of September 2018.
This conference is held every 4 years like big sports event.
This is the 1st time to bring our knives to the Southern Hemisphere.
Markets themselves in Australia and New Zealand are bigger than expected and we had much more visitors our booth comparing M & M in America about 2 months ago.
Generally the numbers of attendee are different, nevertheless we accept those responses at face value.

We have already got a lot of feedback from potential users after 1 month of this symposium.
Those voices are happy surprises for us and we are very glad to hear them.
It might be better to enter a monopolistic market where already served by Big Name.
Luckily there is no barrier to entry in this blue ocean because we have had 40 years knowledge of producing diamond tools.

We really would like to open a crack in this closed emporium.
Let’s wait for thing to get better for a while. If old business practice is changed, both customers and supplier go to higher place.
If you are satisfied your current knife please keep using it.
If not, why don’t you try ours one time?
It is always important to try something new, isn’t it?

“The more you know, the less you need.”
– Aboriginal saying-

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