56th EHPRG; Aveiro, Portugal
2018/09/14 17:26

We exhibit our diamond anvil, DAC and SEED for Ultra-high pressure at EHPRG(European High Pressure Research Group) meeting that was held in Aveiro, Portugal in early September.

Aveiro is the small city where bordering the Atlantic Ocean between Lisbon and Porto.
There are a canals and many gondlas are running.
You might imagined Venice from above context. Yes, you are right.
Scenery of canal area looks like Venezia, but Aveiro’s canals are much modern than Italian ones.
Aveiro is also famous about salt farm(saltern). It tastes good and also different as the others.

About conference; This is the 1st time for attending this event.
Feeling is better than we expected. Our products are not popular in European countries at this moment, but it is good for us because we only expand ours from now on.
Especially our SEED had a very good reputation.
It is nice unit for opening the door of High Pressure world.
If you are interested in it, why don’t you try to use it?

“We should make the most of life.
Enjoy it because that’s the way it is.”
– Cristiano Ronaldo –

See the details about diamond anvils

※See the details. Sample movie of SEED is here!